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Beca para estudiar en Australia

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The Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship provides financial support for non-Australians to undertake vocational education at a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree level in any field in Australia for up to two and a half (2.5) years. Vocational education and training provides occupational or work-related knowledge and skills.

The courses are directly related to a trade, occupation or 'vocation' in which the applicant participates. These courses exclude degree and higher level programmes normally delivered by universities.​

Students apply via this link:

Applicants: https://internationaleducation.gov.au/endeavour%20program/scholarships-and-fellowships/applications/pages/applications.aspx

All recipients will receive:

    Travel allowance: $3,000 (provision to pay up to $4,500 under special circumstances)
    Establishment allowance: $2,000 (fellowships) or $4,000 (scholarships)
    Monthly stipend: $3,000 (paid up to the maximum category duration on a pro-rata basis)
    Health insurance for the full category duration (OSHC for international recipients)
    Travel insurance (excluding during program for international recipients)

Endeavour scholarship recipients will also receive tuition fees paid up to the maximum study/research duration on a pro-rata basis. Tuition includes student service and amenities fees.

International recipients (program undertaken in Australia)




 (up to)

Total Category Value $AUD

Vocational Education and Training scholarships

Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship

Australian Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree

1 -  2.5 years

​$6,500 per semester

Up to $131,000



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